Residential House Painting in the Wellington Region

If you are in need of professional house painters, Wellington is home to some of the best residential painting service providers in the country. Within the last 14 years, Gavin Chan Decorators Ltd has provided high-quality and long-lasting painting solutions to houses all over the Greater Wellington area. From your walls to your roof, we can provide the paint job you need and get you your money’s worth and more.

Reliable Interior Painting Services

If you need a new look for your walls, we are the people to call. Interior painting is one of our many specialisations.

Our highly skilled interior house painters will improve the state of your home’s visual and comfort appeal with quality painting services. For your comfort and privacy, our team will display a high level of professionalism.

Their unobtrusive presence and quick application process will get the job done without sacrificing the quality of work. 

Professional Roof Painting Services

In addition to interior painting, our team also specialises in roof painting. With years of experience in the industry, our house painters offer efficient and long-lasting painting solutions for your residential roofing system, adding style and quality to your home.

Let your house stand out in your neighbourhood with freshly-painted roofs by Gavin Chan Decorations Ltd.

Personalised service for your satisfaction

It’s our belief that clients may have different tastes and standards. In our commitment to customer satisfaction, we answer to your unique requests by performing personalised services. Our team of painters will conduct house painting with the highest level of quality and your needs in mind. 
Contact Gavin Chan Decorations Ltd for your next residential painting project and get specialised and efficient home painting services.
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